Here is Eleanor’s interpretation of the July-August theme:

In Eleanor’s words:

Some years ago I embellished a small purse with a pattern similar to the Eiffel Tower girders in the picture. I used rows of chain stitches to outline the pattern and I thought I would like to repeat that process.

I drew a pattern from the picture using a portion of the girders. Then, because I liked the angle shot of the original picture, I tilted my drawing before copying it to the fabric background. The background is the wrong side of a blue antique satin fabric. It was shaded slightly using a pencil crayon and metallic gold paint was added.

The chain stitches are done with #5 Perle cotton for the center row and the rows on either side of the center row. The outer edge chain stitch was done with #8 Perle cotton. Brown beads were added to the center chain stitches. A cord was twisted, using the middle tone of brown Perle cotton, and attached to the edges.

I don’t mind the interpretation that I did but I like the work that I did on the purse much better. Maybe that is telling me I shouldn’t try to repeat a pattern and stitching that I really like!!