Here is Pat’s interpretation of the July-August postcard:

In Pat’s words:

I enjoyed playing with the colours even though they are not quite the same as the actual Eiffel Tower. The blue and orange, being complementary colours keep each other singing. I liked the idea of bending the straight lines as well as playing with perspective. The card felt a bit empty in the one corner so I added a representation of the Tower. The stitching is done with an overdyed perle cotton from my stash. The fabric is all from my quilting stash. I’m sorry the orange ran a bit when I was washing out the blue pen. The girders in the mini tower are stitched with sewing thread.

All in all I’m pleased with the overall effect.

I’d like to thank one and all for your inspiration and your support. This past two years have been quite a journey. Good luck to those of you that are travelling on with the next exchange.