Here is Sandra’s interpretation of the March-April theme:

In Sandra’s words:

This is one of my catch up cards. It actually was part of the cause of my “bottleneck” along with my schedule. First I hate trying to describe myself. I really don’t see me as anything in particular and I don’t identify myself with any role that I play.
It was Carol who hit on the idea of ying and yang as we were discussing the challenge of showing off my geek side and my traditional feminine side.

So after much thought, I decided to take a photo of myself and put it into the ying/yang symbol. Then to add to the challenge, it decided to make the one side reflect the idea of a computer motherboard with the colours and the individual stitches down in needlepoint only to keep it angled like a pixel. The other side was done in surface stitches — maybe a bit more modern than the traditional “pillowcase” embroidery but definitely more free form. I then fused them onto a background of fabric and ribbon set up to look like a chocolate bar.

The finishing touch was a saying my mom had, “Women think with both sides of the brain.” I thought this was going to be easy but without a grid, the cross-stitch alphabet looked weird. I then tried to draw on it with pigma pens but nothing showed up. So I laid down lines of thread and free-handed the words in back stitch. It’s a bit funky but mainly readable.

And of course, there is always a mistake because I’d hate to be perfect. See if you can spot it?