Here is Mary Anne’s interpretation of the May-June theme:

In Mary Anne’s words:

I tried some “flower pounding” this time. I had grape hyacinths in the garden and so using them and some other fleshy leaves I pounded the fresh flowers on to some linen, using parchment paper between the hammer and the linen. The colour changed somewhat with drying (I read afterwards that there were other suggested preparations for the fabric, but I was in one of my usual impulsive moods.) The foliage was largely by machine stitching using variegated thread and then I concentrated on the lilacs as they were easy to interpret with French knots. The background was machine stitched in lines and highlighted using watercolour pencils.


Here is Kim’s interpretation of the July-August theme:

In Kim’s words:

I really liked this photo. The lines in it were of great interest. Right now, I am also working on my final piece for Mastercraftsman and am doing some pulled work. I decided that pulled work would be just the thing for this photo.

I used 25 count Dublin linen (cream) and outlined a curl like in the photo with a variegated brown pearl cotton #8. For the pulled work I used two strands of DMC Variations ( again in the brown range). The filling stitches
were window filling, framed cross filling and diagonal drawn. Each makes little “windows” in their pattern and the lines the stitches made, like those of the background trusses.

The last round of our postcard challenge and the them for July-August was inspired by this photo:

Here is what Pat has to say about this iconic photo:

Thank you for including me in this group. I’ve enjoyed myself and think I’ve grown as each new challenge came along. I hope you enjoy this month’s challenge.

I love industrial art and found the steel girders of the Eiffel Tower to be fascinating. This close up has a mix of straight lines and the curved iron work. I hope it has lots of possibilities for you as well as some different design options.